Mains boosters fitted for heating systems in Surrey

Poor water flow? We have the answers with mains water boosting!

Do you have a weak shower? Does your bath take hours to fill? Does the water pressure drip in the shower when someone uses a tap or flushes the toilet? Poor water flow and water pressure is not an unusual problem, especially in bigger homes where there are multiple bathrooms and people using them. It can also be attributed to one water main being responsible for supplying multiple homes in one building; in London and some parts of Surrey, for example, where many converted flats are serviced by one pipe, low water pressure is a common problem. If the water supply cannot keep up with the usage during peaks times and one tap may adversely affect the other, it may lead you to wonder if there is something you can do.  The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! We can help with mains water boosting solutions.

How do you know if you need mains boosting?

Some of the most common concerns for low water pressure in the home include the following:

  • Low pressure in taps
  • A weak shower – you long for a proper power shower!
  • Low water pressure when there is a lot of pressure on the system, when multiple people are using water
  • You want a better performance from your boiler

What can we do to help? Solving the problem!

To provide your home with increased flow and pressure, Surrey Heating Services can supply and fit the latest designs to boost your water pressure, using what are called accumulators. This is a large vessel that stores water under pressure, which is released into the mains when the plumbing system can’t cope with the demand. The water keeps the flow at a constant rate. The cost-effective mechanism stabilises and increases water flow throughout your property without the need for a power supply, costly maintenance, or drainage.

We can also install booster pumps that are fully compliant. These are designed to allow your home to draw more water from the street and ejecting it into your home at a higher pressure.

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New boiler and Worcester unvented cylinder and mains booster