With warmer springtime weather proving somewhat elusive this year, you might still need a bit of extra heat in your home. So today, Surrey Heating Services is discussing 10 ways you can do so, without causing your utility bills to increase.

#1. Improve your home’s insulation

Ensure that your loft, floors and cavity walls are properly insulated. If they’re not, you’ll be spending unnecessary pounds each year compensating for the lost heat. While investing in improved insulation might initially seem like a hefty financial undertaking, you’ll soon see a good return on your investment, in the form of notably decreased energy bills.

#2. Service or replace your boiler

Accounting for approximately 60% of a household’s energy expenditure, servicing or replacing antiquated boilers will lead to a more efficiently heated home, as well as a drastic reduction in your energy bills. Upgrading a G-rated boiler to an A-rated boiler, for example, could save you as much as £300 per year.

#3. Install double-glazing

Installing double-glazed windows in your home really can make a big difference to the amount of heat your property retains. Energy efficient windows are also great news for the environment.

#4. Close your curtains

It sounds like a simple suggestion, but you’d be surprised how much heat you’ll conserve if you make a conscious effort to draw the curtains once the sun has gone down. www.money.co.uk suggests the thicker the curtains, the better the insulation!

#5. Don’t heat rooms you’re not using

Practise good household organisation, and remember to switch off radiators in the areas of your home that you don’t intend on using. Make sure you close off these rooms, so cooler temperatures don’t spread throughout the house. If you’re going on holiday, switch off all electrical equipment, including immersion heaters, and turn your central heating right down.

#6. Bleed your radiators

The process of removing trapped air in your radiators will improve cold home temperatures in the winter months. Feel the base of each radiator; if it is cool, it’s an indication that it’s time to bleed your radiators.

#7. Turn down your thermostat

Even reducing your thermostat by as little as 1° will earn you annual energy savings. In addition, such a minimal change in your home’s temperature will be indiscernible to your daily comfort.

#8. Put on an extra layer

Wearing an extra jumper, or increasing your duvet’s tog strength, will give you a free and easy way of warming yourself in your home.

#9. Light candles and the fire

A roaring fire or strategically placed candles are great ways of summoning a cosy and warm ambience, whilst also cutting down on energy bills. NB. Ensure that you never leave open flames unattended.

#10. Let the light in

On those bright but chilly days, allow sunrays in through the windows as a natural method of warming your home.

Call in the professionals…

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