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Turning the water off in an emergency

Date: 24th Aug 2014

Ask any (reputable) plumber in Guildford, before we start any work we make sure we can turn the water off. In this post I will describe the three most commonly found stopcocks in the UK home. Locating the main water supply You should know where you mains stopcock is, this is the main water supply […]

Difference between Combi, Condensing and Heat Only Boilers

Date: 25th Sep 2013

Welcome to the Surrey Heating Services blog. I am Richard Chelton, the owner of the company and on this blog I will try to add content that I feel will help you save time and money e.g. little tips and tricks you can try yourself to avoid a callout charge. I will also give you […]

10 Ways of Heating Your Surrey Home for Less

Date: 28th Apr 2013

With warmer springtime weather proving somewhat elusive this year, you might still need a bit of extra heat in your home. So today, Surrey Heating Services is discussing 10 ways you can do so, without causing your utility bills to increase. #1. Improve your home’s insulation Ensure that your loft, floors and cavity walls are […]